About RBM HoldSolutions

Cleaning and barrier applications are some of the most difficult challenges to deal with on any vessel. Our goals are to make the application easier and more cost-effective, with better products and greater service.

Understanding that costs are always changing with the condition of the vessel, the cargo, and the ability of the crew, the RBM Team works hard to provide the best solutions to both protect and clean your vessels, plus we back up the supply with great communication, logistics and service.

Our company started operations in 1999 to provide solutions and equipment that are both user friendly and non harmful to the environment.

The RBM Team now services hundreds of vessels each year. We’re committed to expanding our stock locations to more ports, bringing our solutions closer to where you need them!

Our goal is to provide your vessels with the very best in cleaning and barrier solutions.

John Roberts - Director of RBM HoldSolutions


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