Cargo Hold Barrier For Bulk Dry Materials – RBM HoldBlock

RBM HoldBlock® is a specially formulated protective barrier solution that has been designed for vessels carrying corrosive and/or greasy cargoes such as sulphur, salt and green delayed petcoke.

By creating a thin, flexible coating between the ship’s steel and the cargo it protects the vessel from the harmful effects when carrying corrosive or aggressive dry bulk cargoes. This protective film is 18x more effective than lime wash.

HoldBlock Application

Lime wash has been proven over the last 20 years to be a very poor barrier especially when carrying sulphur. When sulphur (with sometimes up to 5% moisture) is loaded into a cargo hold that has been coated with lime wash, the sulphur prills push through the softened lime and come in contact with the steel of the cargo hold. Once this happens the results can be catastrophic.

These are images from an independant laboratory that clearly shows the results when carrying sulphur unprotected, with limewash, and using RBM HoldBlock®.

Mild Steel
unprotected mild steel 2 weeks
2 Weeks
Weight Loss = 2.93 g (15.593%)
unprotected mild steel 4 weeks
4 Weeks
Weight Loss = 4.279 g (22.597%)
unprotected mild steel 6 weeks
6 Weeks
Weight Loss = 9.51 g (50.604%)
limewash protected 2 weeks
2 Weeks
Weight Loss = 0.939 g (5.038%)
limewash protected 4 weeks
4 Weeks
Weight Loss = 2.723 g (14.582%)
limewash protected 4 weeks
6 Weeks
Weight Loss = 5.542 g (29.471%)
holdblock protected 2 weeks
2 Weeks
Weight Loss = 0.064 g (0.341%)
holdblock protected 4 weeks
4 Weeks
Weight Loss = 0.291 g (1.537%)
holdblock protected 6 weeks
6 Weeks
Weight Loss = 0.297 g (1.581%)

RBM HoldBlock® is non-harmful, safe to use in occupied/covered areas and can be easily applied by the ship’s crew using the RBM Application Set.

1 Ho/Ha Handysize 45 mins
1 Ho/Ha HandyMax 45-60 mins
1 Ho/Ha Panamax 60-75 mins
Intended Cargoes:
Green Delayed Petcoke (upper verticals only)

RBM HoldBlock® will reduce your turnaround times as it is quickly removed with RBM HoldWash-HD®. HoldWash-HD® quickly breaks down the binders in RBM HoldBlock® and allows the solution to be easily and quickly washed down. The cleaning of one HandyMax hold when using RBM HoldWash-HD® is approx. 60-90 mins.

All of our products are non-harmful to the environment.

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