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RBM HoldWash-HD

RBM HoldWash-HD® is the strongest, eco-friendly, cleaning solution on the market. It is ideal for use as a heavy-duty hydrocarbon remover (such as coal), or easily diluted to suit a wider variety of cleaning needs. Redesigned with a new foaming agent, RBM HoldWash-HD® is not only easy to apply, it penetrates deeper working longer and cleaning more thoroughly than ever before.

RBM HoldWash-HD® has also been designed to remove RBM HoldBlock®.


RBM HoldWash-HD® is used when cleaning:

  • Coal
  • Green Delayed Petcoke
  • Calcined Petcoke
  • Sulphur
  • Removes RBM HoldBlock

Features & Benefits

  • Heavy-duty hydrocarbon remover. Can be diluted to suit cleaning requirements
  • Non-harmful to the environment
  • Safe to use in occupied/covered areas
  • Easily applied by ship’s crew using our RBM Application Set
  • When using our RBM Application Set you can now achieve an application height of up to 16m.

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