Barrier & Cleaning Products for Cargo Ship Holds

RBM HoldSolutions® provides a series of products for protection and cleaning of cargo holds in marine carriers.

Eco-Friendly Protection & Washing Products

RBM HoldSolution® has developed 4 powerful solutions for protecting and cleaning dry bulk carriers.

RBM HoldBlock®

RBM HoldBlock® is used to protect the ships’ steel from corrosive and dirty cargoes such as sulphur, salt and green delayed petcoke. It is effective and quick to apply.

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RBM HoldWash-HD®

RBM HoldWash-HD®is a heavy duty all-purpose cleaner that easily breaks down hydrocarbons but will also remove RBM HoldBlock®.

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RBM BilgeCoat

RBM BilgeCoat is a solution that is a safe and easy alternative for crews to use instead of caustic soda flakes. It is used to “sweeten” the bilges and bilge lines when carrying corrosive cargoes. All of our products are environmentally responisible.

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Application Products

We have also developed our own line of application sets and high pressure water cannons, the RBM Application Set and RBM HydroBlaster.

The RBM Application Set

The RBM Application Set is a low-volume, low pressure diaphragm pump. The set comes with all the necessary hoses and nozzles along with an extendable 40’(12m) carbon fibre wand.

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The RBM HydroBlaster

The RBM HydroBlaster is a stainless steel water canon that is extremely powerful and an excellent cleaning tool. Every deep sea ship should have one!

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RBM Protective Package

RBM Protective Package is all you need for applying the solutions we provide including coveralls, gloves, googles, & particulate masks.

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