Personal Protective Equipment - RBM Protective Package

RBM HoldBlock® and RBM HoldWash-HD® are safe to use, however, as with all chemicals, it is advised to wear protective gloves, goggles and masks with prolonged contact.

RBM Bilgecoat requires the wearing of protective gloves, goggles and masks with use.

PPE - RBM Protective Package

Should your crew require, we can provide a Protective Clothing Kit suitable for use with all RBM products.

Our Protective Clothing Kit containing 6 pairs of Hooded Coveralls, 6 pairs of Nitrile Gloves, 6 pairs Splash Goggles, and 6 Particulate Masks and can be sent anywhere in the world.

Currently stocked in: Vancouver, San Francisco, Portland, Houston, New Orleans, Rotterdam, Singapore and Dubai.

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