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Cleaning and barrier applications are some of the most difficult challenges to deal with on any vessel.

RBM HoldSolutions® provides a series of products for protection and cleaning of cargo holds in marine carriers.

Our company started operations in 1999 to provide solutions and equipment that are both user friendly and non harmful to the environment.

The pages gathered under this category aim to suplement the information provided elsewhere in the website concerning our line of products and their applications.

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There are many benefits to choosing quality cargo hold cleaning products. Some are evident right away, like doing a better job and being safe and easy to use. Others show up in the long term, such as saving you time and money, and increasing profits.
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Where can I get RBM HOLD SOLUTIONS products?
by Calista Nicks November 23rd, 2022 in Cleaning Products
You can currently find your favourite RBM dry bulk carrier cleaning products in cities around North America, Europe and Asia.
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What is a Bulk Carrier Hold Neutralizer?
by Calista Nicks October 24th, 2022 in Cleaning Products
A bulk carrier hold neutralizer, like RBM BilgeCoat, is an alkaline solution used for bilge protection. It works by neutralising the acidity created by the reaction of sulphur with water.
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