The benefits of using high-quality cargo hold cleaning products

by Calista Nicks May 29th, 2023 in Cleaning Products
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We’ ve all had the well-intentioned idea to cut corners to save time and money. However, buying cheap products and materials usually turns into a lesson in regret. There are many benefits to choosing quality cargo hold cleaning products. Some are evident right away, like doing a better job and being safe and easy to use. Others show up in the long term, such as saving you time and money, and increasing profits.

Benefits of high-quality cargo hold cleaning products

  • Works quickly
  • Do the job once
  • Non-toxic

Works quickly: Though cheaper upfront, products that are slow to activate cost you more time and money than you save. In comparison, higher-quality products get to work as soon as they’re applied and net you results much faster. For example, RBM HoldBlock® will reduce your turnaround times as it is quickly removed with RBM HoldWash-HD®. HoldWash-HD quickly breaks down the binders in RBM HoldBlock® and allows the solution to be easily and quickly washed down. The cleaning of one HandyMax hold when using RBM HoldWash-HD® is approx. 60-90 mins.

Do the job once: Cheap products tend not to work as well. It’s not just that they take longer, but they only do half the work. This leaves you the choice of wasting time using them again, or taking chances come inspection time (as well as risking damage to the ship and cargo). Choose better products from the get-go. RBM HoldWash-HD®, from our own line, penetrates deeper to work longer and clean more thoroughly so you only have to do the job once.

Non-toxic: There are numerous benefits to safeguarding the health of carrier crews and the environment, including avoiding injuries and illness to people and animals, avoiding fines, as well as increasing convenience and morale. Look for products proven to be environmentally safe. Our HoldWash-HD is the strongest, eco-friendly cleaning solution on the market.

We have tested and designed our products to be cost-effective and easy to use.Our high-quality solutions are formulated to meet the exacting needs of cargo hold cleaning. Therefore they work quickly and with excellent results. Save time and money: choose quality every time.

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