What is a Bulk Carrier Hold Neutralizer?

by Calista Nicks October 24th, 2022 in Cleaning Products
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Dry bulk carriers often need to transport materials that have the potential to cause damage to their cargo holds and bilges. Chemical reactions within the cargo can turn corrosive when in contact with water and bare metal. Fortunately, this reaction can be neutralised by taking precautions, like applying a hold block and bilge coat.

Sulphur is one of those materials that has the potential to cause structural damage through a chemical reaction. When sulphur is wet, it becomes highly corrosive. Since sulphur is often loaded with the addition of a water spray, or is loaded from shore and wet from rain, preventative measures are recommended to protect the metal holds and bilges of the carrier.

Benefits of RBM BilgeCoat as a hold neutralizer

  • Excellent bilge protection against acidic water
  • Non-harmful to the environment
  • Easier and safer to use than caustic soda flakes

There are two ways to protect a carrier from sulphur. The first is to apply paint and/or a lime wash or hold block to the cargo hold. This creates a thin film between the metal and the cargo to protect the ship from corrosive effects. The second is to use a bulk carrier hold neutralizer in the bilges. Caustic soda flakes or RBM BilgeCoat are alkaline solutions used for bilge lines and bilge wells. They work by neutralizing the acidity created by the reaction of sulphur with water. 

RBM BilgeCoat offers great bilge protection while hauling potentially corrosive cargos like sulphur. It’s safer and easier for crews to use than other products, and environmentally friendly too.

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