What to use when cleaning a cargo ship hold to remove coal deposits?

by Calista Nicks April 21st, 2020 in Cargo Hold Cleaning

Success in bulk shipping means it’s important to stay on schedule and keep turnaround times to a minimum. Between shipments, dry bulk cargo holds need to be cleaned quickly and effectively to specific requirements so they’re ready for the next shipment. This is essential when carrying cargos like coal which has special cleaning needs.

After shipping bulk coal, there are two issues that need to be addressed when cleaning the hold. The first is that coal produces corrosive acid when wet. This can cause considerable damage to a hold including pitting, rusting and structural degradation. The second is staining, particularly with successive shipments. Both of these can incur costly delays if not dealt with.

To thoroughly remove coal deposits and stains, use a high-quality, highly effective cargo ship hold cleaner like RBM HoldWash-HD®. This is the strongest, eco-friendly, cleaning solution on the market. It is ideal for use as a heavy-duty hydrocarbon remover, or easily diluted to suit a wider variety of cleaning needs. 

To protect your hold from corrosive acid, use a cargo hold barrier like RBM HoldBlock®. It is a specially formulated protective barrier solution that has been designed for vessels carrying corrosive cargos. It works by creating a thin, flexible coating between the ship’s steel and the coal deposits to protect the hold. This protection is 18x more effective than lime wash. 

In addition to providing cargo ship hold cleaning and protection that is both effective and thorough, both RBM HoldBlock® and RBM HoldWash-HD® are easily applied, safe to use and environmentally friendly.

Calista Nicks

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