What is a Marine Barrier?

by Calista Nicks May 6th, 2024 in Marine Barrier
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Marine barriers are liquid coatings applied to the walls of bulk carrier cargo holds tasked with transporting dirty or corrosive materials. The role of a barrier is to defend the metal structure of the ship against excessive damage due to corrosion or staining.

Marine barrier coatings

  • Hold block: very effective, eco-friendly, safe to use, easy to apply, quick to remove
  • Paint: Paint needs to be in good condition to be effective
  • Limewash: in the past was an oft-used barrier, however is not very effective. Plus it can be difficult and time consuming to remove 

A hold block, like RBM HoldBlock® provides exceptional protection against the corrosive properties of sulphur, salt, fertilizer and other caustic cargos. As a comparison, a cargo hold coated with Limewash has a weightloss of 29.5% after 6 weeks, whereas a hold sprayed with our hold block experiences a weightloss of only 1.6% in the same time period. That’s a huge difference and massively beneficial for those using a hold block.

Marine barrier role in cargo hold cleaning

  • Reduces staining from dirty cargos like coal and petcoke
  • Limits corrosion from caustic cargos like sulphur or salt
  • RBM HoldBlock® makes cargo hold cleaning easier and faster

Marine barriers create a coating to shield a ship from harmful cargo effects like staining and corrosion. In addition to providing protection, RBM HoldBlock® makes cargo hold cleaning faster and easier. It’s safe for crews to apply, is extremely effective, and is equally quick and easy to remove with its counterpart RBM HoldWash-HD®. Both are environmentally friendly solutions designed expressly for marine barrier protection and cargo hold cleaning excellence.

RBM HoldSolutions® provides thousands of vessels with the very best in cleaning and barrier solutions. Ordering from us is easy. Fill out our online form, or call 1-604-531-8333, or send an email to rbm@holdsolutions.com.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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