What are the risks of shipping bulk coal?

by Calista Nicks May 18th, 2020 in Cargo Hold Cleaning, Marine Barrier

Dry bulk coal is one of the most widely transported commodities in the world today, 2nd only to iron ore. It’s value has earned it the nickname Black Gold. Because of its importance in the dry bulk shipping industry, it’s imperative that cargo ships maintain the integrity and readiness of their holds in order to avoid costly delays and repairs. This level of diligence is necessary because coal comes with a few challenges when it comes to storage for transportation.

There are three main areas of concern when shipping bulk coal.

  1. It produces corrosive acids when reacting with water. 
  2. Coal causes staining which gets worse with consecutive shipments.
  3. Shipping bulk coal requires significant care as coal can create explosive dust.
  4. It can form toxic methane gas.

The first concern, that coal produces corrosive acid when wet, means that bulk carrier hold protection becomes a must. Without it, acid damage like pitting and rusting can escalate to structural decay.  Also, because coal stains so easily and builds upon itself with each shipment, it’s important to remove it regularly.

RBM HoldWash-HD® is the strongest, eco-friendly, cleaning solution on the market. It is ideal for use as a heavy-duty hydrocarbon remover, like coal. It penetrates and cleans deeply, providing exceptional bulk coal hold protection. In addition to being non-harmful to the environment, it is safe to use in occupied or covered areas and is easily applied by the ship’s crew (to a height of 16m) with our application set.

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