What are some of the most common cargo hold contaminants?

by Calista Nicks October 25th, 2023 in Cargo Hold Cleaning
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Some of the most common cargo hold contaminants are these: residues from cargoes in the holds; flaking paint and rust scale from the holds themselves; and infestations from insects, pests and other vermin.

Contaminants are a challenge to prevent, with some harder than others. 

The key to dealing with them involves a robust cargo hold cleaning system in combination with quality cargo ship hold cleaning products. This strategy allows crews to thoroughly remove these common contaminants and meet the most stringent of cleanliness standards.

 The most common cargo hold contaminants

  • Previous cargo residues
  • Flaking paint and rust scale
  • Infestations

Previous cargo residues

Previous cargo residues can be tricky to deal with, particularly those that leave lasting effects that aren’t easily washed away. Greasy cargoes like petcokes and coals are one example. Must-have cargo hold cleaning products for these situations are barrier solutions, to provide a protective coating before loading cargo. Then, a heavy-duty carbon removing solution to remove the barrier and excess residues after unloading.

Flaking paint and rust scale

Barrier solutions keep rust scale minimised, and allowing paint to dry thoroughly before further treatments keeps it from flaking prematurely. Crews working to keep flaking paint and rust scale from contaminating a hold need high-powered equipment and effective cleaning solutions to remove it all. 


Insects, mice, rats, and other vermin can leave droppings, nests, eggs and dead bodies in hard to access or not-easy-to-find locations inside a cargo hold. A good cargo hold cleaning application set should allow crews to easily clean out those areas, high and low.

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