Top 7 reasons for cleaning a bulk carrier cargo holds

by Calista Nicks January 20th, 2021 in Cargo Hold Cleaning

Cargo claims are more common than they should be for bulk carrier ships. These claims create delays. Plus the underlying causes for the claims could actually be damaging the ship.

Financial losses caused by delays or damage add up to be quite significant. The biggest causes of these claims are moisture damage and contamination, both of which are related to cargo hold cleaning. Here are the top 7 reasons for cleaning a bulk carrier’s cargo hold.

  1. Successive cargoes. Holds should be cleaned and residues removed, even when loading the same cargo. Staining gets progressively harder to remove and leftover residues can hide underlying damage.
  2. Cargo residue. Some ports have strict policies regarding contamination, to the point where even a single particle of residue from a previous cargo can fail a hold. Removing all contaminants is essential.
  3. Staining. Cargoes such as coal and green delayed petcoke are staining hazards. Staining gets more difficult to remove the more it is built up. These stains can also cause paint to blister and peel in sweaty holds. When high levels of cleanliness are required, all stains must be completely removed before a hold will pass inspection.
  4. Rust scale and paint flakes. Holds will be inspected for these contaminants. High-pressure cleaning equipment will help remove them.
  5. Animal waste contamination. Droppings from birds, rats, or other animals will cause a failed inspection.
  6. Water. Moisture entering the cargo hold can cause significant damage in the form of corrosion, rust, mould and mildew. Care must be taken to thoroughly clean all hatches of residues to ensure they can form proper seals. 
  7. Insect contamination. All insects, eggs and nests need to be removed from a cargo hold before it will pass.

All of these issues are easily addressed with proper hold cleaning, using the right products and equipment. For information on the best cleaning and barrier solutions for your situation call 1-604-531-8333.

Calista Nicks

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