The Role of Marine Barriers in Cargo Hold Maintenance

by Calista Nicks June 26th, 2024 in Marine Barrier
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Marine barriers are an essential part of cargo hold maintenance. Their role is to provide a protective layer over the metal of the ship to safeguard it from the harmful effects of some cargos. The end result is a total cost savings, which means more money in your pocket.

Marine barrier role in cargo hold maintenance

  • Protect cargo holds from caustic damage
  • Protect cargo hold from greasy cargo stains
  • Shorten cleaning time, increase turnaround times
  • Safeguards a ships structural integrity
  • Saves money in repair and replacement costs

Ideally, marine barriers should be applied, without fail, by trained crews before loading caustic or greasy cargos. Taking this vital step saves money in both cases for different reasons.

When dealing with caustic cargos like sulphur, which is capable of causing acidic damage to your ships structural frame, a marine barrier mitigates much of the damage by creating a thin film that blocks the cargo from touching the metal. Marine barriers/hold blocks, today, are much more effective than the lime wash method traditionally used.

In cases where greasy cargoes like green delayed petcoke and coal are taken on, the marine barrier lines the cargo hold to form a protective barrier between the cargo and the ship. This helps to prevent staining of the metal. Excessive staining is very difficult and time-consuming for even seasoned crews to remove. Applying a marine barrier shortens cleaning times so you can reduce turnaround times and keep on schedule.

Our marine barrer, RBM HoldBlock®, is easy to apply and quickly removed with RBM HoldWash-HD®. As an example, cleaning time for a HandyMax hold using RBM HoldWash-HD® is approximately 60-90 minutes. Both products are environmentally friendly.

Marine barriers are essential, efficient, effective and economical. Make it part of your cargo hold maintenance routine to safeguard your biggest investments–your ships and your charters.

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