The most common cargo hold contaminants and how to remove them

by Calista Nicks December 13th, 2023 in Cargo Hold Cleaning
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Dry bulk carriers face a number of challenges keeping their cargo holds clean because of the variety of cargoes they transport and the conditions in which they must be delivered. When cargo hold cleaning is required to meet high levels, contamination is to be avoided at all costs.

The risk of contamination can be mitigated using proper hold cleaning techniques with high-quality products made exclusively for the job. Different contaminants present different problems, so tailor-made solutions are part of a robust, cargo hold cleaning strategy. Here are some of the most common cargo hold contaminants and how best to remove them.

Common contaminants and removal procedure

  • Greasy/high carbon elements–hold block + hold wash
  • Corrosive elements–hold block + hold wash
  • Pests & odours–hold wash
  • Residues, rust scale, paint flakes– hold wash + high-power spray equipment

Contaminant: Greasy/high carbon elements from cargoes like coals & petcokes.

Removal: Greasy cargoes require a hold block to protect the metal in the hold from stains. Stains and the hold block are best removed with a penetrating, heavy-duty carbon remover like RBM HoldWash-HD®.

Contaminant: Corrosive elements from cargoes like sulphur and salt.

Removal: Corrosive cargoes are considerably damaging. Holds are best protected with a barrier solution. After unloading, residue and the barrier must be washed away thoroughly with an effective, deep-cleaning hold wash.

Contaminant: Pests, odours.

Removal: pests, nests, droppings, and odours from previous cargoes are to be removed with a quality hold wash. The best solutions on the market are environmentally friendly as well as safe and easy for crews to use.

Contaminant:  previous cargo residues, loose scale & paint flakes.

Removal: Use a hold wash with the appropriate equipment. RBM HydroBlaster is a powerful cleaning tool. It provides a jet of water to over 100’ (30 m), with an efficient ship’s compressor and aids in the removal of cargo residues, rust scale and loose paint.

RBM Hold Solutions provides your vessels with the very best in effective contaminate-removing washes, barrier solutions, and powerful cleaning equipment. Contact us with questions or to order. 

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