Regular Cargo Hold Cleaning is Essential for Ship Safety and Efficiency

by Calista Nicks July 8th, 2023 in Cargo Hold Cleaning
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Cargo ships play a crucial role in the transportation of essential goods to ports all over the world. And cargo hold cleaning is an invaluable part of maintaining the safety and efficiency of those ships, as well as protecting the investments of owners and charterers.

Cargo hold cleaning product safety and efficiency benefits

  • Mitigates damage to holds caused by corrosive cargos 
  • Mitigates damage to bilges caused by caustic cargos
  • Cleans stains quickly
  • Uncovers hidden damage

Regular and diligent cleaning preserves the integrity of ship structures and surfaces from the damaging effects of caustic and corrosive cargos. Cargos in this category include salt, sulphur, pet coke, and iron ore, for example. Regular use of a marine barrier adds a protective layer between these cargos and the ship, protecting the metal from harmful effects. Our own RBM HoldBlock® is a specially formulated protective barrier solution that has been designed expressly for this purpose.

Bilges are also susceptible to damage from caustic cargos and need to be protected. RBM BilgeCoat is an alkaline solution used in the bilge lines and bilge wells during sulphur voyages. It is an alkaline solution that neutralizes acidic water. It’s also easier and safer to use than caustic soda flakes.

Barriers are also useful to protect the hold from the staining effects of greasy cargos, like green delayed petcoke, or other cargos with a high oil/carbon content. These types of stains get harder to remove the longer they are left. Keep stains at bay with the use of a barrier solution. For maximum efficiency, remove stains with a high quality carbon remover every time. We are proud to say RBM HoldWash-HD® is the strongest, eco-friendly, cleaning solution out there. It works excellently as a heavy-duty hydrocarbon remover and is easy for crews to apply.

Finally, another problem is that insufficient cleaning can hide damage to ship structures. Save time and money–clean regularly to uncover hidden damage so it can be dealt with quickly at minimal cost to you.

Routinely clean with high quality cargo hold cleaning products like ours. It keeps cargo ships safer and improves efficiency. It also keeps maintenance costs down, is safe for crews and better for the environment.

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