How protecting you cargo and your investment means keeping you cargo hold clean

by Calista Nicks June 12th, 2024 in Cargo Hold Cleaning
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Cargo holds are the backbone of your dry bulk shipping operations so keeping them in good condition is paramount. From protecting your cargo to safeguarding your ships, there are a host of benefits bulk carrier owners and charterers reap with every voyage. For example, keeping your cargo free of contaminants; keeping your holds in peak working order; and avoiding unnecessary delays and fines are just a few.

Cargo hold cleaning protects your cargo

  • Protect cargo from previous cargo residue contamination. Even a single grain can cause an entire load to fail.
  • Protect cargo from contamination from rust and paint scale. Scale needs to be thoroughly cleaned from all cargo hold surfaces with suitable high-pressure equipment.
  • Ensure hatches are clean to prevent water ingress into the hold or air transfer by providing a tight seal.

Cargo hold cleaning protects your investment

  • Make sure cargo arrives undamaged to obtain its full value.
  • Ships' structural integrity is protected with barrier solutions and bilge coats when transporting caustic/acidic or greasy cargos. Increases the lifespan of the vessel.
  • Routine cleaning allows spot checks for damage so issues can be fixed asap. Increases the lifespan of the vessel.
  • Improve turnaround times by avoiding failed surveys,charter-party disputes, being placed on off-hire status, and requiring additional cleaning by shore teams.

Protect your investment by protecting your cargo holds with high quality and eco-friendly cargo hold cleaning products like ours. RBM HoldSolutions® 's cleaning and barrier solutions are easy and safe for crews to use. They also adhere to MARPOL Convention standards and won’t harm the environment.

RBM HoldSolutions® has been providing cargo ship holds protection since 1999. Thousands of vessels have trusted RBM eco-friendly products for their cargo. Maybe it’s time you did too. Contact us today. 1-604-531-8333

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