How hard is it to apply HoldBlock?

by Calista Nicks January 25th, 2022 in Marine Barrier
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RBM HoldSolutions® has a web page dedicated to instruction manuals, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), compliance letters and applications videos for RBM products and equipment. Answers to common questions can be found there. In today’s blog, we’ll address the question of how hard it is to apply HoldBlock.


How hard is it to apply HoldBLock?


HoldBlock is easy to apply, requiring only low pressure application equipment and a minimum of 3 crew members. While RBM HoldBlock is non-toxic and safe for the environment, it is recommended to wear standard safety equipment (gloves, goggles and masks) and avoid getting the spray in eyes, lungs or on the skin.

Application starts at the bottom of the bulkheads. Holding the nozzle ½ metre away from the surface, work around the perimeter, before moving upwards. Just a misting spray is required. If the product starts running down the sides, it’s being applied too slowly. Once the bottom level is covered, move the spray up to go around the next unsprayed layer of the hold. Continue like this until the desired height is reached. If the wand becomes difficult to manage, use the harness provided to help stabilize it. Finish by spraying the tank tops before leaving the hold. Mop up any excess to allow for even drying. Average drying time under optimal conditions is 2-3 hours. HoldBlock must be dry before loading any cargo.

That’s it. Additional application tips, equipment set-up and removal instructions can be found in the RBM HoldBlock instruction pdf. As well, we have provided a how-to video showing correct and incorrect ways to apply RBM HoldBlock.

RBM HoldSolutions takes pride in supplying quality marine barrier & cargo hold cleaning solutions for dry bulk carriers. If you have any questions about this article or any of our products, give us a call at 1-604-531-8333. We’d love to hear from you.

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