How does a Marine Barrier product work?

by Calista Nicks March 30th, 2024 in Marine Barrier
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Marine barriers are used on dry bulk cargo ships to prevent interactions between the cargoes they’re transporting and the metal cargo holds in which they’re being stored.

Two types of interactions marine barriers are specifically developed to target are corrosion and staining. Both of these issues cause significant problems for bulk carriers. 

Corrosion, caused by acidic reactions in caustic cargoes like sulphur and salt, causes physical damage to metal. This wears down the hold structure over time and can lead to huge losses in revenue and investment. 

Staining happens when transporting materials like green delayed petcoke. They coat the cargo hold with oily black residue which gets very difficult to clean. If not cleared off after each shipment it gets progressively harder and takes longer for cleaning crews to remove. Time is money so any increase in difficulty means this chore can result in losses very quickly.

To minimise the effects of corrosive and staining cargoes, use a quality marine barrier product. Marine barriers act as a protective, middle layer between the cargo and the ship. Lime wash, used in the past is not near as effective as current products like RBM HoldBlock®. 

RBM HoldBlock® works by creating a thin, temporary film that acts as a protective barrier between the cargo and the ship. It’s 18 times more effective than lime wash. Plus it has a number of other advantages. It’s safe for crews to use in covered areas and is easy for them to apply. It is quick to remove with RBM HoldWash-HD® and both products are environmentally friendly.

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