How do you prepare a bulk carrier hold for inspection?

by Calista Nicks August 15th, 2022 in Cargo Hold Cleaning
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Bulk carrier hold cleaning is one of the most important duties on a cargo ship. The process needs to be error-free, and fast. When preparing a hold for inspection there are a number of things that need to be considered. Information such as the hold’s previous cargo; the next cargo to be loaded; and the requisite level of cleanliness, all guide what must be done.

In general, hold cleaning should be performed to remove all residue from the previous cargo. Loose rust, paint and scale needs to come off. The hold should be rinsed and dried, then checked for damage and infestations. Ventilation systems, vents, and hatches should be cleaned and tested with repairs made where applicable. When the crews have finished, the holds should undergo a final inspection by the ship’s qualified senior officer.

Preparations for bulk carrier hold inspections

  • Wash to remove cargo residue, loose rust, paint and scale
  • Rinse and dry
  • Check for damage and infestations
  • Ensure ventilation systems, vents and hatch seals are working properly
  • Final inspection by qualified officer

When holds are not cleaned to the required standard, inspections are failed, shipping halts, and the prospect of fines and/or additional costs shoots up. Projected profits turn into losses. So crews need to be knowledgeable about the hold cleaning process for different types of cargo. They need access to quality cleaning products and know how to use them. They also require the necessary cleaning equipment and PPE to get the job done.

Bulk carrier hold cleaning requires diligence, skill and quality cleaning products. This combination leads to successful voyages.

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