How cargo hold cleaning helps maintain a ship’s structural integrity

by Calista Nicks May 17th, 2023 in Marine Barrier
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Dry bulk carriers are tasked with transporting enormous quantities of materials in their cargo holds. Some of these materials have the capacity to do irreparable harm to the structure of the ship. Therefore, measures must be taken to protect the ship. This is where cargo hold cleaning and the use of marine barriers plays an important role. Because some cargos are caustic, the application of a barrier during cleaning protects the steel from the damaging effects. This helps maintain a ship’s structural integrity and safe operation.

Not all cargos are a threat to a ship’s integrity, but for those that are, the long term damage can be devastating. Corrosive materials like sulfur and salt eat away at the metal holds in which they are contained. Pitting, etching, rust and scale are the destructive results. Over time the metal is inevitably weakened.

The solution to help mitigate cargo reactivity with the ship’s metal is to apply a marine barrier. Products like RBM HoldBlock® are specially designed for this purpose. The ship’s crew easily apply it as a spray, where it creates a thin coating over the steel. This film acts as a barrier, protecting the metal from the caustic properties of cargos like sulfur and salt. 

RBM HoldBlock® in particular has been proven to be 18X more effective than limewash. It is quickly removed with RBM HoldWash-HD®; perfect when preparing the hold for the next shipment. 

Consistent use of a marine barrier in a cargo hold cleaning routine helps maintain a ship’s structural integrity by protecting it from the caustic cargos it transports. It also reduces turnaround time, and increases profitability.

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