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Marine Barrier Solutions are an important solution for for Dry Bulk Carriers. Since 1999, RBM HOLDSOLUTIONS has been providing marine barrier products and implementing application solutions for dry bulk carrier vessels arounbd the world. Our environmentally-friendly cleaning & barrier formulations are easy for the Owner/Operator to apply when preparing their ships to handle dry bulk cargo. Thousands of vessels have trusted RBM safe and eco-friendly products for their cargo. With these blogs, we aim to provide valuable information and tips on every aspect of marine barrier solutions, from the diverse products to the implementation issues, to the problems they are designed to solve. We hope you find here what you are looking for.

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The Role of Marine Barriers in Cargo Hold Maintenance
by Calista Nicks June 26th, 2024 in Marine Barrier
Marine barriers protect cargo holds from caustic damage and staining; improve cleaning and turnaround times; and save money in repair and replacement costs.
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What is a Marine Barrier?
by Calista Nicks May 6th, 2024 in Marine Barrier
Marine barriers are liquid coatings like hold block, paint, and limewash. They're applied to the walls of bulk carrier cargo holds tasked with transporting dirty or corrosive materials.
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How does a Marine Barrier product work?
by Calista Nicks March 30th, 2024 in Marine Barrier
A marine barrier creates a thin film that acts as a protective barrier between the cargo and the ship. This added layer minimises the damage from caustic cargoes, and reduces the cleaning time removing oily residues after transporting greasy cargoes.
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