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Cargo hold cleaning is one of the biggest challenges on dry bulk carrier vessels. We make the application of cargo hold cleaning solutions easier and more cost-effective, with great products and service.

At RBM HoldSolutions  started operations in 1999 to provide solutions and equipment that are both user friendly and non harmful to the environment.

With these blog articles we aim to share some of the wisdom we acquired over this time. From the details of how the products work and how best to take advantage of a them, to industry news, we hope these pages will give you the answers you seek.

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For dry bulk carriers, hold protection protects the ship from damage caused by corrosive cargos, makes it easier to wash away greasy residues from dirty cargos and helps avoid materials' cross-contamination.
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5 bulk carrier cargo hold maintenance tips
by Calista Nicks October 13th, 2022 in Cargo Hold Cleaning
To ensure more successful voyages, use a barrier, clean stains every time, protect the bilges, maintain best practices and have proper equipment, and clean the cargo holds after every load.
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Should a cargo hold be cleaned after each trip?
by Calista Nicks September 16th, 2022 in Cargo Hold Cleaning
Cargo holds should be cleaned after every trip to check for damage, prevent contamination and reapply barrier protection. It's an excellent opportunity to save time and money.
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