Cargo hold maintenance: A new year's checklist

by Calista Nicks April 24th, 2024 in Cargo Hold Cleaning
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Keep the new year momentum going by committing to ensure all your dry bulk carrier cargo holds are in optimal condition on an ongoing basis.

Taking regular action will yield a number of benefits over the coming year, including lowering turnaround times so your carriers make more trips. Damage to the ship’s holds will be reduced, as will the number of failed holds and contamination claims in port.

Here’s a checklist of cargo hold cleaning and maintenance steps to keep ships, schedules, and cargo holds in good order.

Cargo hold cleaning & maintenance checklist for 2024

  • Remove all stains, paint and rust scale from holds
  • Check for damage and make repairs
  • Ensure bilges are clean and odour-free
  • Reapply paint and allow time for drying and hardening
  • Confirm ventilation systems are working properly
  • Ensure seals are working properly
  • Ensure there is enough cargo hold cleaning equipment & hoses
  • Check that equipment and hoses are in good working order
  • Have enough cargo hold cleaning solutions on board

This is a general, rather than a comprehensive list. Each ship will have its own set of maintenance and cleaning rules best adhered to. Keeping a regular schedule of cargo hold cleaning and maintenance checks combined with diligent attention to and application of such tasks pays dividends in the form of fewer problems and more successful voyages. Let 2024 be your year of record profits.

Let us help keep your cargo hold cleaning products and equipment well-stocked. With 10 locations all over the world, we make it easy for you to resupply your favourite eco-friendly cleaning and barrier solutions. A prosperous New Year to you all from RBM Hold Solutions

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