Cargo hold cleaning’s role in maintaining the value and integrity of cargo

by Calista Nicks June 13th, 2023 in Cargo Hold Cleaning
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Cargo hold cleaning plays an important role in the successful maritime transport of a wide variety of dry bulk commodities. In fact it is a crucial part of the process of safeguarding the value and integrity of sensitive and oftentimes volatile cargos. 

Regrettably, those who undervalue the function of cargo hold cleaning, or are careless about its execution, who stand to lose the most. The consequences of negligence in this role are costly–the loss of cargoes, profits; the entire investment. Longterm, it may even mean the loss of a ship.

The role of cargo hold cleaning

  • Prevents contamination: Ensures the discharge of all previous cargo residues. Leftover residues can ruin an entire cargo, or cause surveyors to fail a hold.
  • Prevents accidents: Some cargos create dangerous conditions and must be held in a designated state. Proper cargo hold cleaning preparation facilitates this.
  • Prevents corrosion and staining: Application of a barrier solution after cleaning helps prevent interactions between cargos and the ship’s metal.
  • Exposes surfaces within the hold so they may be checked for damage and infestations
  • Protects bilges from acidic water
  • Saves time and money by minimizing claims and disputes
  • Increases turnaround time by minimizing time sitting idle in port dealing with cargo-hold-related cleanliness issues 

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