Can corrosive cargos create structural problems for a bulk carrier?

by Calista Nicks December 18th, 2020 in Marine Barrier

Ships are made of steel and exposed continuously to air and water. This is a formula for corrosion. Bulk carriers also risk accelerating that process through their transportation of corrosive cargos. If steps aren’t taken to protect the ship, its structural integrity will be compromised. Over time this leads to disastrous consequences.

Corrosive Cargos

  • Sulphur reacts with moisture to form corrosive acidic water
  • Bulk salt reacts with water and is very corrosive to any metal
  • Bulk coal produces corrosive acids when reacting with water.

Failure to properly protect a ship from corrosion caused by caustic cargos leads to progressive weakening and deterioration of its hull. This incurs high maintenance costs, causes accidents and whole system failures. Corrosive, structural deterioration is the primary cause in the sudden loss of many ships.

Fortunately there are several forms of bulk carrier protection to safeguard a ship from corrosive cargos. Our bilge coating, cargo hold protection and bilge line protection formulas are specially designed for vessels transporting cargos such as sulfur, salt and coal.

Bulk carrier protective solutions

RBM HoldBlock: creates a thin, flexible coating between the ship’s steel and the cargo to protect from harmful effects when carrying corrosive or aggressive dry bulk cargoes. This protective film is 18x more effective than lime wash. RBM HoldBlock® is non-harmful, safe to use in occupied/covered areas and can be easily applied.

RBM BilgeCoat: an alkaline solution used for the bilge lines and bilge wells during sulphur voyages. Offers great protection for bilges while hauling potentially corrosive cargos like sulphur. Its alkaline solution neutralizes acidic water created by the reaction of sulphur and water. RBM BilgeCoat® is non-harmful to the environment and is easier and safer for crews to use than caustic soda flakes.

If you have any questions about bulk carrier protection, we’re here to help. Give us a call at 1-604-531-8333.

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