Benefits of using environmentally friendly cargo hold cleaning products

by Calista Nicks June 24th, 2023 in Cargo Hold Cleaning
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The days of needing strong, toxic chemicals to clean cargo holds are over. Environmentally friendly cargo hold cleaning products deliver exceptional cleaning capability, as well as other benefits including lower costs, reduced waste, increased safety and improved sustainability.

Benefits of eco-friendly cargo hold cleaning products

  • Save costs: great news for owners and charterers who stand to increase profits
  • Reduced waste: need less chemicals and water for cleanup
  • Lower risk/increased safety: ship’s crews will be subject to fewer risks; 
  • Improved sustainability: marine life and ecosystems enjoy a healthier environment; people in general will be less exposed to an increasingly toxic and dwindling food resource. 

Thousands of vessel owners save money by switching to environmentally friendly cargo hold cleaning products proven safe for their crews and the environment. Harsh chemicals involve time-intensive application, cleanup and strict adherence to MARPOL protocol. Eliminate the need to use these to reduce cargo hold cleaning costs and increase turnaround time. Dry bulk carriers using eco-friendly cargo hold cleaning products earn more due to these improvements.

Our high-quality solutions are tested and designed to meet your needs. For example, RBM HoldBlock® is 18x more effective than lime wash. The need to use fewer chemicals, fewer times, combined with easier cleanup, results in less waste measured in materials/solutions, water and time. Plus, better effectiveness reduces the risks of contamination.

Exposure to non-toxic barrier solutions, washes and coatings means less risk for crews. Additionally, marine life and ecosystems are better protected from damaging chemicals. Since toxic transference travels up the food chain, building as it goes, by the time it gets to people who eat seafood, it’s much worse than when it started.

Switching to eco-friendly, non-toxic cargo hold cleaning products has never been easier or more beneficial. Save time and money, reduce waste, and improve sustainability. Make the world a safer, cleaner place for yourself and the generations to come.

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