8 Tips for training your crew on proper cargo hold cleaning techniques

by Calista Nicks July 24th, 2023 in Cargo Hold Cleaning
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We recently talked about the value of cargo hold cleaning and the importance of using high quality products. But how well the job is carried out is also proportionate to the skill of the crew doing the work.

So it’s imperative your crew has the knowledge and expertise to carry out their roles with the level of excellence required. To that end, we’ve prepared some tips for training your crew on proper cargo hold cleaning techniques. We hope you’ll find them helpful.

Crew training tips for proper cargo hold cleaning

  • Inform yourself. Educating yourself on the correct procedures means you can ask pertinent questions as well as answer any questions your crew has. You’ll be able to spot problems and find solutions.
  • Read manuals. Ensure product manuals are read by everyone involved in cargo hold cleaning procedures. RBM product manuals detail important information such as how to use the products (dilution rates), how and where to apply them, equipment required, removal instructions if applicable, and safety procedures.
  • Watch videos. Videos are another excellent learning tool. Ensure everyone involved watches available set-up and application videos. 
  • MSDS safety info. Material Safety Data Sheets list critical information such as product composition, safety procedures for personnel and equipment, fire hazards, accident response measures, safe handling and storage, and exposure control. Make sure these are available to your crew and readily accessible.
  • When training crew, pair inexperienced members with experienced personnel.
  • Use checklists and documentation. Checklists and documentation ensures no steps are missed and procedures are done on time, to specifications.
  • Equipment: Equipment manuals cover topics like care and maintenance as well as troubleshooting. Your crew needs to be familiar with the equipment they’re using so make sure these documents are available and read.
  • Hold information sessions with your crew to go over pertinent cargo hold cleaning details.

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