3 More Tips for Cleaning Cargo Holds on Ships

by Calista Nicks May 24th, 2024 in Cargo Hold Cleaning
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When you want high-quality results, use high-quality products like ours. RBM HoldSolutions® products are expressly designed for specific tasks. They work efficiently, safely and with expected results each time.

That’ll get you halfway to achieving excellence in cargo hold cleaning. To see you through the other half, here are 3 more tips.

Cargo hold clearing: 3 more tips

  1. Have enough of a product to do the job
  2. Apply the products correctly
  3. Support the cargo hold cleaning crew

Have enough of a product to do the job

Some of the worst things to happen when trying to get a job done quickly and efficiently is to run out of what you need, or to have to resort to using a mixture of different products, all with their own unique requirements, to do the same job.

Ensure you have enough supplies on board. Our products have coverage guidelines, and we’re happy to assist if you’d like some help estimating how much you’ll need for your ship and voyage.

And so you can keep your cargo hold cleaning supply inventory full, we have several stockpoints around the globe to serve you, including Vancouver, Houston, Dubai, Portland, New Orleans, Singapore, San Francisco, Rotterdam, Chile and Long Beach.

Apply the products correctly

Products will only work correctly if applied correctly. All of our cleaning and barrier solutions come with Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and instruction manuals. Everyone involved with cargo hold cleaning should be familiar with these documents.

We are available to instruct crew on safe and efficient application of our products. Additionally, up to three hours of training and supervision are included with each purchase of our solutions in Vancouver.

Our Superintendents are available to visit vessels in most ports in North America as well. The fee for this service will be quoted on a case-by-case basis.

Support the cargo hold cleaning crew

Improperly trained or unsupported cleaning crews, through indifference and/or ignorance cause vast slowdowns in turnaround times. Help them do their best work by ensuring they have access to the products, the equipment, and the safety gear (PPE) they need in addition to the documents and training mentioned above.

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