HoldBlock vs LimeWash

After the second world war it became the normal procedure, when carrying bulk sulphur, to apply lime wash in the holds of vessels to "absorb" some of the acid that leeches from the sulphur cargo.

However over time (years) it became apparent that lime wash was compromised when moisture laden sulphur was loaded into the holds.  (Water is a traditional method of dust control).

Soft lime wash does not stop acid attack on steel plates.  The advances made in forming sulphur greatly reduced the dust problems by hardening the sulphur into "formed" sulphur. This new "formed" sulphur easily penetrates the soft lime wash and is not suited to the modern carriage of sulphur.

RBM HoldSolutions was able to research and test various solutions that showed much improvement as a barrier that could greatly reduce the acid attack from sulphur.  We provided samples of our solutions to the main sulphur research institute in Canada.  The results received from the tests were very positive.

We commenced business in 1999 and have been providing vessels with a reliable and superior barrier for the carriage of sulphur ever since.