RBM ShipWash - Foaming

Ideal for general hold cleaning, washing down between sensitive cargoes and cleaning around the deck, crane pedestals, superstructure, engine room and galley.

ShipWash, an aqueous compound, is a safe alternative to chlorinated and phosphate-based cleaning agents

ShipWash quickly and efficiently removes light to medium chained hydrocarbons:


  • Refined Oils
  • Lubricating Fluids
  • Greasy Dirt
  • Residual Carbon/Soot
  • Coal


ShipWash utilizes powerful and natural surfactants and degreasers to aggressively break the bonds of a wide range of contaminants. By maintaining this separation, it provides faster wetting, aggressive penetration and overall better cleaning while rinsing totally free.


Environmental Safety

ShipWash is completely biodegradable and in accordance with Bioassay toxicity test results, will not harm aquatic life.


Available in: Vancouver, BC

                     San Francisco, CA

                    New Orleans, LA                      

Outside ports: delivery options quoted upon request