RBM HoldBlock

A barrier solution for vessels carrying corrosive and/or messy cargos; such as sulphur, salt, coal and petcokes.

RBM HoldBlock is removed with RBM HoldWash-HD.


Protects metal against corrosive cargo.

Non harmful to the environment.

Safe to use in occupied/covered areas.

More effective than limewash.

Reduces turnaround times.

Applied by the ship's crew using an RBM Application Set.

Available in 20 litre pail for easy shipping and handling.


Sulphur/Salt- Prior to loading to protect against corrosion.

Coal - Prior to loading to assist in cleaning.

Pitch - prior to loading to assist in cleanup.

Petcokes - to assist in cleaning especially around the "tide line" areas on the bulkheads and helps preserve paintwork from staining.

Recommended Quantities based on a 2 week voyage: